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Safety First at Island Park

Dear Island Park Families,

Our children attend a very safe and secure school. Student safety always remains our paramount concern and focus. Not a school day goes by when we don’t teach or remind our students about how to take age-­ā€appropriate precautions and make good decisions regarding their safety and that of others.

We work diligently to maintain and establish routines that keep our community safe

  • Staff accompany and supervise children while they are at school.
  • School rules and responsibilities are taught reviewed and monitored that maximize safe play and behavior. 
  • Doors remain locked except for the main entrance and the multipurpose room during the lunch hours. 
  • All visitors and volunteers are expected to sign in at the office. 
  • Classroom volunteers received training and have background checks conducted.
  • Surveillance cameras monitor exterior portions of our building. 
  • Classrooms establish classmate buddy systems so that students are not alone while traveling to and fro. 

You can help insuring that our Island Park Eagles are safe. Please remember: 

  • Always sign in at the office and get a visitors badge when you come onto the campus during the school day. It's never improper for anyone to politely remind adults without visitors' badges to check in at the office. 
  •  When dropping off or picking up your child after the school day starts, please come to the office and sign them in or out. 
  •  Keep a watchful eye out while driving in and out of our parking lot. Our staff works hard to help move traffic along. Student safety comes first. It is against the law to talk on a cell phone while driving. Even hands free phone conversations may distract a driver. Our children deserve nothing less that focused, show drivers. 
  • Always make sure that your children are picked up on time after school (within 15 minutes of the dismissal bell) and from after school activities. There is no after school playground supervision. 
  •  That you for not sending kids to school before 8:45; there is no one to watch children before 8:45am. 

Thank you so much for your diligence and support. Together, our efforts will guarantee healthy and happy kids whose focus can remain on learning.