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Carey, Angela (PLP Specialist)


image of Angela Carey

Mrs. Angela Carey

Northwood and Island Park Elementary Schools


children dancing   

You can find more Music and Movement activities to do at home.



Try this "Toss and Talk" game with any kind of ball

You are working on: throwing, catching and communicating!

Toss and Talk game

toss and talk game


Turn on some slow, quiet music. Lie on the floor or a comfy spot. Relax, breathe and stretch.

You are working on: mindfulness and self regulation!

Resting music


Try the movements in the video to get moving.

You are working on: cardiovascular fitness and flexibility!

Cardio and Flexibility video

Cardio and Flexibility video



Make your own bird puppets for the song, Two Little Blackbirds.

You are working on: counting and colors!

Two Little Blackbirds puppets

Two Little Blackbirds puppets


You can sing a favorite song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

You are working on: using the core word UP!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

You can sing a favorite song, Open, Shut Them.

You are working on: using the core word OPEN!

Open, Shut Them