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Attendance Information

Absentee Alert - (206) 236-3411

Dear Parents,

As soon as you know your student will be absent, please call the school Absentee Alert number at (206) 236-3411. If your child is absent for several days due to illness, please call each day.  We need to know your child is home safe with you any time they are not present at the beginning of the day when attendance is taken.

Mercer Island School District believes that healthy students engage and learn better in school. In an effort to promote wellness our When To Stay Home page has information on when students, staff and visitors should stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of a diagnosed or undiagnosed illness.

As a safety check, after we receive the absence reports from each classroom, we call the home of students who have not been reported absent by a parent or guardian.

If your child(ren) is ill to the extent that it will be difficult for him or her to participate in the activities of a normal school day, it is best to keep the child home. We do not have adequate facilities to care for ill children. We recommend that a child with a fever be kept home for 24 hours after a normal temperature is reached.

When children become ill at school, the parent or designated person is called to pick them up. It is extremely important to keep the office up to date with any telephone, address or work changes in case of your child’s illness or emergency.

The MISD accepts the following as excused absences: illness, medical or dental appointments, bereavement, and unforeseen emergencies. Any other absence must be checked with the principal before the absence.

If your child needs to be excused early, for any reason, during the school day, report to the Main Office, not your child’s classroom. Your child will be called to the school office by the school secretary. For security reasons, please follow school check-out procedures. Students must be signed in and out whenever their arrival or departure is not at the normal time.

Elementary Lunch Information

If your student will be back in time for lunch, please let us know if they will be receiving lunch.  Click here to review the lunch menu.